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SEED 1dayPure moisture "SEED 1Day Pure moisture" is Japan-made daily disposable soft contact lens containing the natural moisturizing agent called 'Alginic acid'. SIB(zwitter-ionic material) developed on our own is used as its material. It Features 32 lenses per box, UV Protection and some other advantages.


Natural Moisturizing Ingredient

Zwitterionic Material,SIB  The zwitterionic material,SIB is SEED's original material with superior biocompatibility, similar in structure to protein which is a basic constituent of a human body by containing both positive and negative ions.

SEED 1dayPure moisture has become more water retained with additional the zwitterionic material "SIB", SEED'S original material similar in structure to protein which is a basic constituent of a human body, Non-ionic Surfactant which will pull in water and prevent contamination attachment, and natural moisture agent 'Alginic Acid'.

Two Extra Lens (32 lenses per box)

If used every day...  You can get 48 lenses more a year!!

SEED 1dayPure moisture comes with 32 lenses per package, including two extra lenses. We have managed to include 32 in this compact package, which is the same size as the conventional package for 30 lenses.

Pure Mark for inside-out distinction

Variable Parametrics Design  The variable parametrics design refers to a lens design comprising two factors: controlling thickness and curves by the lens power, and thinning the bevel portion.

In order to distinguish the face of the lens, there are two marks so that users who are not accustomed to lenses can safely and easily handle.

Full of Unique Usability Features

Cross-unit case and fingertip closure mechanism makes SEED 1dayPure moisture easy to use and compact. Because of the user-friendliness it won the 2008 Good Design Award, an award in Japan.

Ultraviolet Absorbent Tender to Eyes

Ultraviolet rays may cause damage to not only to the skin but also to eyes. SEED 1dayPure moisture lenses are ultraviolet absorbent to block ultraviolet rays reportedly harmful to eyes.

Full-scale Japanese Production

We place strict controls on domestically producing safe and high quality lenses.
SEED established SEED Konosu Laboratory in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture to produce SEED 1dayPure moisture.
With environmental problems presenting major issues for the government and businesses today, SEED Konosu Laboratory is a factory that has solved two challenges: reduction of CO2 emissions and reduction of water consumption.

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