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Quality by Full-Scale Domestic Production

SEED reassures users with distinguished quality.

Pure series are soft contact lenses introduced by SEED with a history of over half a century researching Japanese eyes, based on the first full-scale production in Japan. SEED reassures users with distinguished quality.

High-Quality Double-Sided Molding Method

Pure series lenses are double-sided molded lenses manufactured by means of the cast molding method. The precision injection molding technology controlled with micron accuracy guarantee uniformity of lenses.

Original Manufacturing Facilities

Pure series lenses are contact lenses manufactured at the SEED original facilities that are designed specifically, representing the pinnacle of our manufacturing technologies developed for over half a century.

High-Accuracy 100% Inspection System

SEED offers only carefully-screened and strictly quality controlled Pure series contact lenses through the six-staged 100% inspection system, "SIP (Six Inspection Processes)."

Reliable Traceability System

SEED accomplished a collective management of production and distribution using two-dimensional codes and ID tags. This allows us to conduct follow-up surveys for all Pure series lenses.

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