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Zwitterionic Material, SIB

The zwitterionic material, SIB is SEED's original material with superior biocompatibility, similar in structure to protein which is a basic constituent of a human body by containing both positive and negative ions. The features of SIB are described below in terms of soft contact lens materials.
* "SIB" stands for SEED Ionic Bond.

"SIB" is a material with positive and negative ions bonded, and no apparent electric polarization.

High water content, thus high oxygen transmittance. Keeps out sediment such as proteins. Shape stability against environmental changes in salt concentration, temperature, and others. High water content, yet high strength

Existing Soft Contact Lenses

[Ionic, High Water Content Lens]Material Demonstrating Negative Iconicity [Nonionic, Low Water Content Lens]Material Not Demonstrating Iconicity

SIB is an original SEED material incorporating the advantages of existing lenses.

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