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SEED 2weekPure moisture

SEED 2weekPure moisture  SEED 2weekPure moisture is the first Japan-made 2week disposable soft contact lens containing the natural moisturizing agent called ‘Alginic acid’. SIB (zwitter-ionic material) developed on our own is used as its material. It features 6 lenses per box, with UV protection, prevents dryness and keeps clean advantages.


High Reliability of Full-Scale Production in Japan

Pure series lenses are disposable soft contact lenses introduced by SEED with a history of over half a century researching Japanese eyes, based on the first full-scale production in Japan. SEED reassures users with our distinguished quality.

High-Accuracy 100% Inspection System for Your Eye Safety

To protect your eye, SEED offers only carefully-screened 2weekPure contact lenses through the six-staged 100% inspection system, "SIP (Six Inspection Processes)."

SEED's Original, Zwitterionic Material, SIB

Water retained with excellent sediment-resistance, these are due to SEED's original, zwitterionic material, SIB.

Harmful Ultraviolet Ray Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays that develop pigmented spots are regarded as one of the factors causing eye troubles such as cataracts. SEED 2weekPure moisture blocks two of the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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