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Contact Lens Care Business

We use our expertise in contact lenses to ensure comfortable use.

Proper care of contact lenses is essential for them to be worn comfortably, and SEED has developed a care system that enables even more cleanness and comfort for lens wearers. The manufacture of contact lenses is an extremely delicate process combining various precision technologies. SEED's deep knowledge of contact lenses has enabled us to do certain things. First, we introduced Consept F, Japan's first cold sterilizing system for soft contact lenses that eliminated the need for sterilization by boiling and defied the conventional wisdom of the time - that contact lens care was a lot of trouble. Then we made things even easier with Softmate,which enabled cleaning and sterilizing in one step, and Consept Quick, which completed sterilization and neutralization in as little as 20 minutes. Next, we released SEEDO Softcare, a multipurpose solution that hydrated while cleaning so that daily lens care could be completed with just one bottle. We have achieved other progress too.
In the field of hard lens care, we launched the cleaning and storage solution Purity, a combination of MPC polymers. The subsequently upgraded version Purity Moist contained lipidure®, a polymeric moisture component, and was strong cleanser that enabled washing, storage, protein removal, and of course hydrating, all in one bottle.
The expertise amassed from developing so many different types of lenses forms the technical and experiential backbone required for lens care aimed at maintaining comfort and safety. SEED will continue to think outside the box to develop new technology and products that give our contact lens users even more comfort.

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