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Development Division and Production Division

Supporting good vision with our pioneering technology
We create our own special value though quality products that meet your needs.

SEED has always focused on multi-faceted R&D to meet diverse customer needs through the creation of more comfortable and easier-to-use contact lenses. This is how SEED 1dayPure disposable contact lenses were born. These original lenses have been made possible by SEED technology which is backed up by many years of research and development, including our high-precision inspection system which ensures a sense of security and the highest quality, our lens design which gives total consistency and comfort, and our amphoteric ion material SIB¹) which repels dirt.

It is also crucial that we continue to propose new applications for contact lenses, such as DDS²) lenses which are combined with a drug for medical treatment. More than half a century after launching our contact lens research, our Development Division sees its duty as continually pioneering technological research in the field of medical optics with the aim of providing 100% satisfaction to all our customers, a stance which is also shared by our Production Division.

Now very familiar to everyone, contact lenses are a kind of medical equipment with absolutely no margin for error. Our Production Division conducts quality-focused manufacture to provide products of safety and efficacy that satisfy customers and comply with the law, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to realize Japan's first ever double-sided mold manufacturing process at our factory where a QMS³) ensures thorough manufacturing and quality control.

SEED will continue to develop and manufacture products that meet customer needs and earn their trust.

  1. SIB (SEED Ionic Bond): SEED's own highly biocompatible material whose plus and minus ions enable it to imitate the structure of proteins, the basic components of the human body
  2. DDS (Drug Delivery System): System for delivering a drug, or controlling the release of a drug, into the body
  3. QMS (Quality Management System): The standard for manufacturing control and quality control of medical equipment and in vitro diagnostic drugs

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