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Message from the President

I would like to extend a warm thank you to all our customers for purchasing SEED contact lens, care products, glasses frames, and other products.
SEED has been supplying contact lenses designed for Japanese eyes and other eye care products for more than half a century.
Our contact lenses lineup meets a broad range of customer needs. It includes “SEED 1dayPure moisture” the first daily disposable lenses manufactured in Japan which contains a natural moisturizing agent, “SEED 2weekPure moisture” biweekly contact lenses, as well as the “SEED Fine Series”, and “SEED Eye coffret 1day UV” to enhance women’s beauty, and “SEED 1dayPure moisture Multistage”, “SEED Multifocal O2 NOAH”, “SEED 2weekPure Multistage” bifocal lenses. With our own lens care products, such as “SEEDO Softcare Pure”, “Softmate”, “Purety Moist” and major glass frame brands such as “Vivid Moon” and “Plusmix”, we hope to support your vision.

We are currently concentrating on the extensive development of sales channels with a view to launch sales in overseas markets within the fiscal year. We have been supplying our products to more than 19 countries and regions at the moment. Not only do we export our products, we have also established overseas subsidiaries in Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore, and the representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In the field of research, we established our subsidiary company in Belgium to research new materials and contact lenses for medical treatment.
SEED has been working on our CSR diligently; 34,000,000yen in total had been contributed to the guide dog training programs and the walking instructions at The Eye Mate Inc.
In addition, we concentrate our efforts on using solar panel generators, recycling plastic wastes, environmentally friendly manufacturing and taking part in various regional events.

Contact lenses are an extremely convenient and comfortable eye care products if properly cared for. By providing contact lenses and other eye care items, SEED will do all we can to support your vision.

I sincerely trust that we can continue to rely on your valuable patronage.

President and CEO, Masahiro Urakabe,

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