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Medium-term Management Plan

On June 1, 2018, we announced the new three-year medium-term management plan that is scheduled to start in the 63rd period.
The new medium-term management plan defines the next three years as a starting point of new challenges of SEED from the 61st year for leaping all over the world. Besides consistent growth in Japan, we will aggressively pursue global expansion mainly with the 1dayPure Series, our domestically manufactured, staple products. In this way, we will strive to expand our business operations and strengthen our profit base.
Through these efforts, we will achieve the consolidated sales target for the fiscal year ending March 2021, namely 38.5 billion yen, and will also achieve sales of 40 billion yen in the next medium-term management plan. The next three years are considered to be the period in which we will take another leap forward.
We will leverage the quality of our “Made in Nippon” products and, in our overseas manufactured products, the achievement of “Japan Quality,” as we assist people's eyesight around the world by offering safe, high-quality products and services.
We would wholeheartedly appreciate the continued support of our shareholders.

Medium-term Management Vision/Target

- New Challenges from the 61st year onward -
From Japan's SEED to the World's SEED
“Support more customers' ‘vision'”

(Positioning of medium-term management plan)

Expand the production scale as a manufacturer and diversify products.
Regard the three years as a period in which to aim for consolidated net sales of 40 billion yen in In the next three years.

(Direction of SEED)

“Pursue the provision of safe, high-quality products and services through our pride of Made in Nippon (Japan) and Japan Quality”

Achieve stable growth in Japan and operate overseas businesses aggressively.

Actively invest in R&D expenses and achieve a planned and certain research result (product development).

Achieve the expansion of scale and high-mix, low-volume production by enhancing technologies such as labor-saving and automation.

Develop new value-added contact lenses for checkup/treatment/medical purposes.

Achieve diversity and various working styles, substantiate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

PL Plan (Consolidated)

PL Plan (Consolidated)
SEED Group consolidated net sales: Exceed JPY30 billion for the first time for the period ending March 2019.
Aim for JPY38.5 billion for the period ending March 2021, and look to JPY40 billion and then JPY50 billion.
Operating income: Aim for JPY3.5 billion for the period ending March 2021 and improve the operating margin.

Net Sales for Domestic Contact Lenses and Company Share (Value Base)

Net Sales for Domestic Contact Lenses and Company Share (Value Base)
The operating activities in the domestic contact lens market remain the core of the source of cash flow, and the entire company enhances the SEED brand and acquires new SEED users by launching new products and enhancing existing products.

Outlook for Overseas Sales

Outlook for Overseas Sales
The biggest focus is on China, which supplements the growth of the contact lens market in the Asian region.
Accurately understand the needs of the mature European market and roll out diverse products.
Enter South Korea, Middle East nations, the Oceania region, Russia and East European nations that we have not yet entered.

Structure Overview

Structure Overview

June 1, 2018 Notice of development of the Medium-term Management Plan (For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021)(1,938KB)