SEED Eye coffret 1day UV

Love yourself from the eyes

SEED Eye coffret 1day UV is an ultra-thin color contact lens that contains UV absorber and that accentuates your iris. Available in four color designs for any occasion.


Available in 4 colors

Appearance varies between individuals.

Daily disposable type

A new lens is used every day. Eye disease caused by accumulation of deposits can be minimized and lens care will not occur.

Inner color structure

This series adopts a structure that encapsulates the pigments inside the lens so that it prevents eyes from contacting with the pigment.
This design minimizes impact on the cornea.

Non-ionic lens

Materials used in the lens keep off protein deposits while retaining moisture.

Comfortable wear with ultra-thin lens design

Ultra-thin lens with a center thickness of 0.05mm (with -3.00 D lens).
The peripheral part of the lens features a smooth edge using SEED's original Smooth Edge design for your comfortable wear.

Containing UV Absorber

Ultraviolet rays (UV) causing skin pigmentation such as spots, are said to be one of the causes of eye diseases such as cataracts.
SEED Eye coffret 1day UV contains UV absorbents that can shield your eyes from UV rays.
*Contact lenses with an UV absorber do not block 100% of UV light and are not substitutes for UV absorbing eyewear.


FDA Group Group I (Non-ionic, low water content)
Dk value *1 12
Dk/L value *2 24
Power +3.00 D to +0.50 D (0.50 D steps), +0.25 D, ±0.00 D,
-0.25 D to -6.00 D (0.25 D steps)
-6.50 D to -12.00 D (0.50 D steps)
Water content 38% Center thickness *3 0.05mm
Base curve 8.70mm Diameter 14.0mm
Package 10 or 30 lenses in one box Lens color Light brown, black, brown, and gray
  1. :×10-11(cm2/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg))
  2. :×10-9(cm/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg)) (for -3.00 D)
  3. :-3.00 D lens

Available specifications and packaging varies in different countries. Please check with the corresponding subsidiaries/agencies.

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